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Colerain Irish Whiskey

Coleraine is a blend made at Bushmills Distillery.

It reminds, of course, of the great Distillery in the town of the same name in Co. Derry. The Distillery produced Single Malt Whiskey long before Bushmills decided to follow their footsteps. Among others, the London House of Commons enjoyed "Taylor's Old Irish HC Whisky".

The blend, however, is meant to be "a lighter style of Bushmills Whiskey", but described by Peter Mulryan as "pretty rough stuff", and as "the most parochial of all Bushmills Whiskeys" by Jim Murray.

Bottled at 40 per cent abv, it is hardly found outside Northern Ireland.

A blend named after a defunct distillery attached to the town of the same name a few miles along the coast of Northern Ireland from Bushmills, whence the malt element of this blend is sourced. Not to be confused with the afore-mentioned defunct Coleraine distillery, owned by Bushmills, which closed in 1978, but which did exist as a very limited bottling single malt about fifteen years ago. Hope you got all that.

Тип: Blended Irish Whiskeys
Алкоголь: % 40
Производитель: Old Bushmills Distillery