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Feckin Irish Whiskey

Feckin Irish Whiskey

Один из самых молодых из всех брендов ирландского виски.

Feckin Irish Whiskey is the brainchild of local entrepreneur, Shane Braniff, who hails from Portaferry, Co. Down, and whose family and ancestors have been involved in the drinks trade for many a year.
Shane’s passion for adventure and his constant quest to innovate have led him to conceive, develop and launch the most unique whiskey to ever hit the market.

The product itself is a blend of the highest quality irish whiskeys. The name is the only non serious part of this super smooth Irish whiskey that can be enjoyed as it comes, on the rocks or with a mixer.
You will not be dissapointed with this one it is a winner!


Тип: Blended Irish Whiskeys
Алкоголь: % 40
Производитель: FDC. (Shane Braniff), Dictilled by Cooley Distillery