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Kibeggan Aged 15 Years

Kilbeggan is Gaelic for "Little Church". What is now an idyllic village in
the middle of Ireland was for many years an active religious centre built
around a monastery. Legend has it that monks in the 12th Century began
distilling Uisce Beatha (Water of Life) or whiskey using the waters of the
Brosna river, the barley from the surrounding fields and heating the stills
with turf from local peat bogland. Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey is distilled
from the pure clear water and barley of Ireland, gently matured for long
years in oak casks resting in ancient warehouses and skillfully blended to
create a whiskey of unique smoothness, balance and character.
Particularly good for Irish Coffee

Тип: Blended Irish Whiskeys
Алкоголь: % 40
Производитель: Cooley Distillery, Old Kilbeggan Distillery
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